This section of my store came to be because my daughters requested that I make something wearable and/or kid friendly.  Art should be for everybody so I continue to make a variety of items at a lower price point and something any age can enjoy.  Each sculpture is still one of a kind just like all of my work but with these items you will never have to utter the words "Don't touch"!

Touch, play and have fun!

You just never know  what could appear in this section next!
Your character will come with a necklace string, care instructions, ornamental hook, organza bag and a scroll containing their birth certificate.
For those items comtaining a birth certificate it will contain the name, birth date, and official signatures and leave a blank to fill in your household as new residence.

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 More photos of each item can be found in their listings!

Here is "Lucy" being modeled by my daughter!

Please note that these are intended to be decorative and are not meant for children under the age of 3.
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